Restoring liver health

is pioneering the development of cutting-edge cell-based therapies for the treatment of liver diseases.

We are developing cutting-edge advanced therapy medicines
for the treatment of life threatening liver diseases.

At Promethera®, we are pioneering the development of liver derived advanced therapies to restore liver health of patients in urgent need of liver transplantation.

people die of chronic or cirrhotic liver diseases each year in US
patients were on the waiting list for a liver transplantation in the US in 2016
liver transplants were reported in the US in 2016

HepaStem® is our most advanced stem cell-based therapy acting as a medicinal signaling cargo to the diseased liver. Our key indication is Acute-on-Chronic Liver Failure (ACLF), and other severe end stage diseases.

At Promethera®, we are striving to be the global leader in regenerative medicine and signaling stem cell based therapy for liver diseases.

Our broad intellectual property portfolio includes a human organ and cell sourcing, as well as proprietary manufacturing capabilities. It brings a unique set of technological assets, exclusive IP and know-how.

Restoring Liver Health

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