TERMIS EU Industry Day


Personalised Therapies for Regenerative Medicine:

The successful commercial translation of TERM research is governed by a number of major drivers:  

  1. Bringing to the market, therapeutic solutions for disease conditions with very high medico-social burden and no effective or sustainable treatment,
  2. Fully validated manufacturing capabilities,
  3. Reimbursement of Regenerative Medicine solutions, showing high and demonstrable medico-economic benefits versus standard of care,
  4. Early and strong partnership with regulatory bodies,
  5. Dense collaborations between Centers of Excellence and Industry collaborations,
  6. Robust and well-inspired clinical development strategy and evaluation.

Mustapha Najimi, PhD, Independent Scientific Adviser at Promethera Biosciences will give a presentation on behalf of prof Etienne Sokal on 28th June, for more info please visit the conference's website, click here.