Letter from the CEO

“Being at the forefront of the next medical revolution is not for the faint hearted.”

John Tchelingerian – PhD
President & CEO

Dear Stakeholders,

We at Promethera® Biosciences are proud to have celebrated the 10th anniversary of our founding last year. Since 2009, we have overcome many challenges to grow from a university laboratory spin-off into a leading global biopharma company. We are committed to bringing patients life-saving treatments to reduce the need for liver transplantation, thereby providing a solution to patients in dire need by developing cell therapies for liver diseases.

The dedication, innovative thinking and trust among all our employees have resulted in an enduring team spirit which is crucial in such a pioneering role. Every team member is devoted to developing our breakthrough solutions for liver diseases, whether through clinical advancements or fostering important partnerships and collaborations.

The medical industry has evolved from treating diseases with chemically derived substances, to using biologicals such as antibodies. We have taken our place as pioneers in the next frontier of modern medicine by using intact living cells, with all their complex processes and powerful potential to treat diseases.

The liver, being central to human health and possessing an incredible regenerative capacity, is both a valuable source of stem cells for cell therapy products, and an excellent recipient for this type of treatment. Our focus diseases, ACLF and end-stage NASH, are debilitating liver conditions with few therapeutic options currently available. They both represent multibillion-dollar growing markets with a high medical need and therefore our best opportunity to generate substantial value for the company and its stakeholders.

Our lead liver stem cell-based therapy, HepaStem™ has both anti-inflammatory and anti-fibrotic properties and shows great potential for treating both ACLF and end-stage NASH, with clear advantages over the existing competition which mostly use small molecules or biologicals.  

We are very proud to already have two Phase 2 clinical trials of HepaStem™ for ACLF and end-stage NASH running in Europe and are looking forward to progressing these existing trials over the coming years, as well as initiating more trials in the US and Japan. We strive to find effective solutions that create hope and a new future for liver patients.  We approach this challenge pragmatically and with a certain degree of courage, because being at the forefront of the next medical revolution is not for the faint hearted.

Warmest regards,