John Tchelingerian – PhD

President & CEO

Promethera appointed Dr. John Tchelingerian as its Chief Executive Officer in September 2015. He initially joined the company at the end of 2014 as Chairman of the Board and acted as interim CEO from January to September 2015. Since the split of his dual role with a separate Chairman of the Board in June 2016, John was able to fully focus on his role of CEO combined with his board director duties as a Series A Representation Director.

John is a serial entrepreneur in life sciences since 1995, a mentor and a private investor, with a strong background in science, business, management and deal-making. He has co-founded and managed several biotech companies including Neurotech, Key-Obs, Diatos, TcLand Expression, Key Neurosciences and more recently Melkin Pharmaceuticals. He has raised over $100 million (€81 million) for his past entrepreneurial ventures from venture capitalists and private equity sources in Europe, the US and Japan. He has also closed several biotech and pharma partnering deals in his operational career.

More recently, since he joined Promethera and set an ambitious vision and strategy, John, together with his management team, has closed two acquisitions – Cytonet key assets in 2016 (Germany and USA) and Baliopharm in 2018 (Switzerland) and raised over €70 million, bringing the total proceeds raised by the company to €110 million. Since early in his position, he promoted the GO EAST strategy to build up a strong franchise and presence in Japan. This has today materialized into a very large consortium of Japanese and Asian investors supporting Promethera together with a Japanese team based in Tokyo. John was recognized in 2019 by two prestigious international business awards, including Best CEO for Belgium (all sectors included).

Before Promethera, under his multiple entrepreneurial leadership roles, four drugs were developed from the research stage up to clinical phase 2b/3 and the marketed drug, DaunoXome, was re-launched in a new cancer orphan indication both in the US and Europe, based on phase 3 clinical trials. Additionally, John is an inventor of several patents in the field of cell therapy and drug delivery and has publications in top scientific journals specializing in Neurosciences, such as Neuron (cell press), Journal of Neuroscience.

In 2009, John co-founded Silver Ocean Ventures, a strategic advisory and corporate finance firm that is based in Paris. It primarily provides the global life science industry with corporate finance, strategic business transactions and active board and leadership roles. John has been responsible for Silver Ocean Ventures closing several international capital-raising and merger & acquisition transactions with a total value of over $80 million (€65 million).

John is a PhD graduate in Neurosciences from Pierre et Marie Curie University in Paris, France, and is fluent in five languages. He is a French-born citizen with US and French family backgrounds and cultures linked to Armenian roots. He has lived and worked in Europe, the US, Japan and the Middle East.