H2Stem is a human liver derived progenitor cell that has the potential to differentiate towards the hepatocyte lineage. The Company is currently advancing the platform towards the clinic by improving the manufacturing process and further characterization of the cell type’s therapeutic potential.


H2Stem technology platform


H2stem are liver derived progenitor cells characterized by the expression of biliary, endoderm, hepatocytic and mesenchymal markers. In addition, they retain the capability of differentiating in vitro into hepatocyte-like cells and show a high capacity to home and repopulate the liver of FRG mice, an established model for human xenografts, with mature functional hepatocytes. These results suggest a liver stem cells role of H2stem.

H2stem can be differentiated in vitro towards hepatocyte lineage and differentiated cells are characterized by the expression and secretion of albumin and alpha 1-antitrypsin.

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