Company Overview

Promethera® Biosciences develops groundbreaking treatments for end-stage liver diseases

We are committed to bring patients life-saving treatments to reduce the need for liver transplantation.

We provide an end-to-end solution backed by our strong track record in the field of liver diseases, our expertise in manufacturing and the necessary supply chains to deliver these cell-based therapies to patients in need.

Our HepaStem™ platform offers the first allogeneic off-the-shelf, liver derived stem cell therapy for severe liver diseases that could become an alternative to liver transplantation. 

Promethera®’s HepaStem™ advanced cell therapy platform for severe liver disease

Promethera® Biosciences’ headquarters are in Belgium’s Walloon region, which is internationally known for excellence in cell therapy research. The addition of Cytonet®’s liver sourcing and manufacturing capabilities in the US, Baliopharm’s antibody-based technology in Switzerland but also the Tokyo office in Japan, position Promethera® Biosciences as a worldwide pioneer company in cirrhotic liver diseases.

Promethera® is committed to further strengthening its research and development capabilities, through both internal development activities, partnerships and potentially through strategic transactions.