Pioneering treatments for end-stage liver diseases through partnerships and strategic collaborations.

Promethera® Biosciences is continuously looking for new opportunities to strengthen its position as a global leader in regenerative medicine and cell therapy for liver diseases.

Promethera as a partner

Promethera® is dedicated to pioneering novel medicines with its unique setup of liver-derived allogeneic cell therapies and antibodies.

While the company is currently focused on pursuing its internal development plan with HepaStem™ for the treatment of ACLF and NASH, Promethera® is always interested in additional collaborations with industry partners and academic institutions that have complimentary interests.

Promethera®’s headquarters are ideally placed in the Walloon region of Belgium. Wallonia is established as a global center of academic and clinical excellence for cell therapy, thanks to financial contributions from three regional sources:

  • The Walloon regional government
  • AWEX, which promotes foreign trade and investments in Wallonia
  • BioWin, the driving force for medical biotechnology and health technology growth in Wallonia.

Furthermore, Belgium’s location in the heart of Europe facilitates exceptional transport links across the world, providing an ideal infrastructure for the distribution of goods from our manufacturing sites to treatment centers.

Promethera® is looking to use its outstanding capabilities and expertise in liver biology and cell-based medicine, along with its strong scientific, preclinical and early-stage clinical development expertise, to build strategic collaborations.

The company would continue to act as the center of excellence for any licensed and/or jointly developed therapeutic products. Are currently developed:

Gene-Transfer Cells Augmented Therapeutic Cell Lines

Promethera® has established a combination cell-based gene therapy platform that can give rise to promising product candidates. These approaches use the clinically validated HepaStem™ product.

HepaStem™ consists of liver-derived mesenchymal stem cells (MSC progenitor cells) isolated from normal adult human liver tissue. The safety of these has been demonstrated in a Phase 1/2 clinical trial in 24 patients, including reinfusion of the cells. These cells could be offered as a platform for certain gene targets to express human proteins to replace defective endogenous proteins.

Novel Antibody Technologies

Via Promethera®’s acquisition of Baliopharm in 2018, the company has strengthened its pipeline with a proprietary antibody-based drug development platform.

Promethera® now has three monoclonal antibody-based therapeutics in development. The lead candidates, Atrosab (a full-sized humanized antibody) and Atrosimab (a monovalent antibody fragment) are TNF receptor 1 antagonists which are in late preclinical development for immune mediated inflammatory diseases and chronic liver diseases such as NASH.

The third antibody-based drug candidate is Novotarg, a bispecific antibody targeting CD20 and CD95, which is a promising early stage compound for the treatment of B-cell mediated malignancies and autoimmune diseases.

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Current partnerships

Promethera® has built up a series of R&D and collaborative partnerships with both industrial and academic partners, allowing Promethera® to broaden and accelerate its clinical development.

Academic partnerships

UCLouvain and the Pediatric Hepatology and Cell Therapy Laboratory

Promethera® Biosciences has an ongoing collaboration agreement with UCLouvain and the Pediatric Hepatology and Cell Therapy Laboratory.

Industrial partnerships


HLB Cell, South Korea

Late in 2016, Promethera® signed a strategic alliance with HLB Cell (formerly known as LifeLiver) to develop liver disease therapeutics in South Korea. The agreement initially included:

  1. A license agreement to develop and commercialize HepaStem™ for NASH and ACLF in Korea
  2. A license agreement to develop HLB Cell’s proprietary bioartificial liver system (BAL) using H2Stem®, a supply agreement to provide Promethera® human mature liver hepatocyte cell suspension, Heparesc™, for HLB Cell’s BAL.

HLB Cell will combine H2Stem® or Heparesc™ with its proprietary bioartificial liver system (BAL) for the ex vivo treatment of patients with severe liver diseases, such as acute liver failure. The therapeutic goal of this approach is to humanize its BAL bioreactor and to boost the supply of hepatocytes.

In the future, this strategic alliance will also investigate the use of Promethera®’s HepaStem™ and H2Stem® technologies for additional indications such as urea cycle disorder.


Shibuya Corporation, Japan

In October 2017, Promethera® and Shibuya formed a strategic collaboration to establish a high-throughput, commercial-scale, clinical-grade cell therapy and regenerative medicine manufacturing platform.

The collaboration will act as a cornerstone to optimize and expand Promethera®’s manufacturing capabilities for its current and future portfolio of liver-derived cell therapies for the treatment of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), acute-on-chronic liver failure (ACLF) and other indications. It is also a significant step towards Shibuya’s goal of bringing their expertise to the European market and becoming a global leader in the manufacturing of regenerative medicine products.


ITOCHU Corporation, Japan

In the beginning of 2019, Promethera® announced strategic investment from ITOCHU Corporation, one of the biggest Japan-based business conglomerates with global presence and networks.

Additionally, ITOCHU will support Promethera® in advancing their product and business development strategy in Asia, including R&D support for Promethera®’s HepaStem™ development program in acute-on-chronic liver failure (ACLF), non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) and urea cycle disorder (UCD) in selected Asian markets.


MEDIPAL HOLDINGS Corporation, Japan

Promethera® Biosciences and MEDIPAL HOLDINGS Corporation have entered into a business alliance agreement in November 2019. MEDIPAL will support Promethera® in the commercialization of its products in Japan through the subscription to a private placement of new shares on March 20th, 2019, with the aim to expand the products it handles in the regenerative medicine field going forward.

The purpose of this alliance is to further deepen the cooperative relationship between the two companies by providing access to MEDIPAL’s know-how and capabilities in the distribution of cellular medicines at ultra-low temperatures. MEDIPAL will support Promethera®‘s clinical trials and aims to provide a steady supply after its product launch.

Collaborative projects

Promethera® Biosciences has received a strong support and additional funding from the following organizations:

The Walloon Region, Belgium (DGO6) and the EU have granted a total sum of €22.1 million in conditional loans and subsidies for Promethera® to develop its cell therapy products and conduct clinical studies for targeted indications

  • €19.5 million in RCAs
  • €2.5 million in subsidies
  • €1.8 million from FEDER funds (European Fund for Economic and Regional Development)

Le Fonds Européen de Développement Régional et la Wallonie investissent dans votre avenir

In addition, Promethera® Biosciences has also received a 12,09% (1.160.640€) regional grant from the Walloon Region and another 8,06% (773.760€) grant financed by FEDER and the EU. These grants will be used to finance the design and construction of the new Promethera® facilities located in the Walloon Cell Therapy Platform (PWTC) in Gosselies, Belgium. This new location will allow for large-scale distribution and logistics of Promethera® Biosciences therapeutical products.

Finally, L’Agence Wallonne à l’Exportation et aux Investissements Étrangers (AWEX) – Belgium supports the international development of Promethera® Biosciences.